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The Magician in Tarot: Meanings for Real-Life

Updated: Apr 7

The Core Meaning* of The Magician in Tarot


"To manipulate" means to handle with one's hands. And that's precisely what The Magician does. This character stands behind his altar with all four elements at his disposal, knowing that he's connected to the above and the below. He has the skill to transform the elements, to manipulate them, into what he wants them to become. 

In a real-life interpretation, this speaks of the ability of the querent or whoever they're talking about to create the circumstances that they desire, while also highlighting the shadow side of manipulation, since the skill of transforming the elements into something else does not have a character by itself and is determined by the will of the doer.

*Core meanings are not just another keyword resource. Check this!

The Magican meaning in tarot. Discover the meaning of The Magician in real-life situations of love, career, academia, spirituality, health and more.
The Magician from the Tarot of the Seven Virtues by Robert M. Place (Arcana Sacra)

It's All About the Context! The Meaning of The Magician in Diverse Situations.

What attitudes and behaviours does The Magician support?

Persuasion and confidence in one's skills, resourcefulness, making inventory of what's available whether tangibly or intangibly, seeking connection with the elements and the world around.

What attitudes or behaviours does The Magician warn against?

Manipulative tendencies, scamming or conning, decorating the truth, twisting situations through lie or omission to get one's way. Puppeteering.

What's The Magician as a personal strength?

Able to identify the resources available and do what's required to achieve one's purpose.

What's The Magician as a personal weakness?

Self-interested, the end justifies the means. Unscrupulous.

What's The Magician as a personality?

Dynamic and very resourceful, highly skilled, has the resources and the know-how. Charismatic, great storyteller and fantastic seller.

How does The Magician describe a relationship?

Generally smoke and mirrors, appeareances are not the reality of it. It usually is a sign of some kind of deceit. If very well aspected, it can describe a strong relationship.

How does The Magician describe a break-up?

Made-up or "decorated" reasons for the break-up, trying to soften the blow, usually with the intention of making the initiatior feel better or be perceived under a more positive light. In certain circumstances, it can indicate a third party or deception.

How does The Magician describe a problem?

Things are not what they seem. Everything appears as it should be and somehow, it doesn't work.

How does The Magician describe an opportunity?

Being given the resources and information necessary to achieve one's goal.

What's The Magician as a career option?

Seller, chemist, doctor, healer, editor, creator, channeler, small entrepreneur (one-man show).

What's The Magician as an academic option?

Chemistry or Pharmacy. Medicine related. Physicist.

What's The Magician as a working environment?

Rich in resources. Independence and self-starting attitude is encouraged. May require long periods of standing.

What's The Magician as a financial situation?

Able to find a way through financial difficulties. Easiness when creating alternative sources of income. Improvement through entrepreneurial thinking.

What's The Magician as a health issue?

Generally a card of strong health. When particularly ill-aspected, it can indicate misleading symptoms, or a condition that is not showing symptoms.

How does The Magician describe a spiritual practice?

Ceremonial magician, ceremonial spirituality. Ritualistic. Focused on the elements. Independent spirituality. Seeking connection between the two worlds.

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