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Learn tarot for real life

Have you read books upon books about tarot or other means of divination and you feel that they're not adding anything new? Do you know the meanings of the cards but struggle to put them together? There are not many resources for tarot readers that feel stuck "in between".


Let's change that.

Tarot For Real Life | The Sibyl's Tarot | Maria Alviz Hernando | Learn Tarot | How to Read Tarot

Discover a membership where you can learn what matters to transform your reading style.


Make your readings useful, precise and relevant to the question.

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Monika, Grasshopper Member

"I thoroughly enjoy my Grasshopper membership in The Sibyl's Tarot for Real Life. One real life reading a week showcasing Maria's approach and full interpretation, and one audio lesson a week with another reading or interesting spread cum handout give me just the right dose of inspiration.


As my Grasshopper status does not give me access to any group meetings, I don't have any way of knowing who the other members are, but for the time being I'm okay with that.  Should that change, I can always upgrade to the next level. I'm not a professional reader, nor do I aspire to become one; I merely collect a variety of card decks,  and am eager to learn how to read them accurately and effectively. Maria always explains why she comes to a certain conclusion, and this kind of evidence-based reading is exactly what I appreciate and hope to master."


  • Grasshopper

    Every month
    Easy and on your terms
    • Weekly audio lesson
    • Weekly e-mail analyzing a real-life reading
    • 20% off in live learning events
  • Padawan

    Every month
    Further your learning with personal connections
    • All in Grasshopper
    • Monthly group meeting
    • E-mail support in your learning
    • 25% off in live learning events
  • Protégée

    Every month
    The full learning experience (Limited Slots)
    • All in Grasshopper and Padawan
    • Monthly 1-1 mentoring session
    • Weekly e-mail support
    • 50% off in live learning events

Reading tarot (or anything else) fluently requires more than memorizing the meanings of the cards. It is not about collecting knowledge and techniques, but about threading everything together to interpret your reading in a way that is not only accurate but also relevant to your querent.


A tarot reading is much more than the cards on the table. There are a series of factors that are often overlooked and that create the fabric of the reading. Integrating all of those elements is what will add depth, consistency and cohesiveness to your readings and fill the gap between intermediate and proficient.


For that reason, we will not only learn about divination techniques, but about all the external and internal factors that affect the reading and how they interact together.

> How do I know that this is for me?


  • You know the meanings of the cards but you struggle to piece them together.

  • You feel that your readings don't always answer the question asked.

  • You struggle to relate the meanings of the cards to the context of the question.

  • You think that your readings are generic or lack detail, or feel too "open-ended" more often than not.

  • You have learned loads of correspondences, and still your readings don't feel practical.

  • You want to learn a system that answers every question in a practical way and allows you to commit to an answer.

  • You want to feel confident in a system that has your back even when you draw a blank.

  • You want to make your readings a balanced combination of prediction, analysis and actionable advice.

If you have answered positively to a few of the statements above, keep reading!

> How do I know that this is not for me?

  • You are a complete beginner and don't know the meanings of the cards. (Feel free to shoot me a message, I will be happy to point you to some cool resources!)

  • If you don't believe in tarot as a predictive tool in some capacity, you can still find value here, but there may be bits that are not for you.

> I'm a professional reader / aspiring professional, will this help me?


While the content is not strictly oriented towards the professional aspect (business stuff if you may), you can still use and apply the content in your regular practice. We will not only see purely divinatory skills, but also work on how to get those messages to land in the best possible way, what to do in complicated situations and how to best offer support to your querents.


> But, how does this work exactly?


There are three different levels in this membership, depending on your needs and your budget.



With this membership, you will receive:

  • One audio lesson per week. Fresh, every Sunday at noon London Time. The subjects will vary from reading techniques, real-life cases (always with permission), unexpected interpretations, or even your own questions could be turned into a lesson!

  • One members only e-mail per week, examining one real-life reading detailing the process and the conclusions, so that you can get the ins and outs of it.



With this membership, you will receive:

  • The content of the Grasshopper Membership, plus:

  • A 2 hour monthly group meeting on the last sunday of every month at 8PM London Time to discuss your progress, answer your questions live and work together. These sessions will be recorded so that you can replay it at any time.

  • An exchange of one e-mail every other week so that you can ask me anything that you'd like about your tarot journey, your practice, or a second opinion on a reading that you did. Ideas for your practice and / or business or anything else that I can help you with! Think of it as individual mentoring over e-mail.



With this membership, you will receive:


  • The content of the Grasshopper and Padawan Membership, plus:

  • 1 individual mentoring session of 60 minutes with me per month. This is personalized one-on-one time with me to dedicate to whatever struggle or curiosity you have with tarot.

  • 1 x weekly e-mail support instead of every other week.


> Why Grasshopper, Padawan and Protégée?


Well, I'm a nerd, and when I began to teach a years ago I got into the habit of calling my students my padawans, so it felt just right to do it for my membership too. They're all endearing terms to refer to a student. And an alternative like "Basic, Plus and Pro" was boring. We don't do boring here! 

> Why audio?

I really like the audio format because it is very easy to consume, you don't need to set apart a dedicated time for it, and you can listen while you're doing anything else. Should a lesson require video or some sort of image support, you will also find that.

> Will I have access to all prior content when I sign up?


You will have access to the archive of previous audio lessons when you sign up, but you will only receive real-life readings from the moment you sign up. 



> Is there any permanence?

No, there is no permanence. You can cancel your membership at any given time, so you're free to be here for a month or for three years! You will no longer have access to the content when your membership is cancelled.


> Will there be any discounts?

No, but you will maintain the price from the moment you sign up for the duration of your membership. When the price goes up, you will not be affected as long as your membership lasts.

> What's the time commitment like?

I believe that the best kind of learning does not consist of a ton of information, but bits that you can take and implement quickly. Theory is nothing until you apply it. For this reason, I will try to keep the audio lessons short and sweet, probably around 15 minutes. Then, of course, you will have to implement it to see results.


> Will you speak about other forms of divination?

While most of my content is tarot oriented, occasionally, there could be lessons or case-studio readings done with other systems. Don't worry, the principles still apply!

> Can I switch between membership levels? 

Yes, you can, but you will have to cancel your current membership first and get the new level when you want the next billing period to start. Send me an e-mail if you want any help with this and I'll be happy to guide you through the process.

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