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Audio Lessons

Here's where the members of Tarot for Real-Life can access their audio lessons. There's a new one every Sunday! 

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February 18th - Reading without a Question: A Reader's Worst Nightmare Resolved!

Would you rather pluck the hair in your toes with chopsticks than do a general reading? Don't fear them anymore! In this lesson, we will walk through the steps necessary to give a cohesive and relevant reading even when there's no question available. 

February 11th - Interrogate the Major Arcana

How can you make the Major Arcana more practical, approachable and relevant? In today's lesson, we'll go through a list of questions to interrogate the Majors that make it to your table to have a greater understanding of their role in it.

February 4th - Spring Clean in Your Reader's Brain - Back to the Basics

Today, I'm taking you on a journey through the first materials I ever had about tarot and how they have impacted my journey as a reader. Discover the surprising impact that this initial contact can have and dig in your own personal journey to deepen your understanding of who you are as a reader.

Jan 28th - A Battle Between The Lovers and The Two of Cups

One reading, two cards, two relationships to decide between, but... Who is who? Listen to this lesson to learn keys that will help you identify people or situations in a reading in which more than one relationship, person or opportunity is at play.

Jan 21st - Tarot Houses - A Crazy Experiment Part II

In the second part of Tarot Houses - A Crazy Experiment, we go through a new sample reading as well as some concepts that were not entirely clear the first time around. What are houses for, exactly? Here, we find out!

Jan 14th - Setting Goals with Tarot

Sometimes readings are not about whether something will happen, but about how to make something happen. Follow along in this class to learn a technique to get clarity for yourself or your querents when figuring out a way out of the mess or towards a goal.

Jan 7th - A Technique Mixing Pre-Selected and Random Cards

Today's lesson will show you a way to work with pre-selected cards and randomized cards to get answers to your pressing questions. This is ideal for reading for yourself as well as for others.

Dec 31st - Tarot Houses - A Crazy Experiment

You asked to be let into my experiments and I delivered! Walk with me through a sphere of houses that goes through the entire Tarot deck based on an adaptation of the method proposed by the author of Kalat Cards.

Dec 24th - Make Your Voice and Your Querent's Match

Sometimes it's not about what we say but how do we say it in order for the message to land effectively. In this lesson, we will explore different techniques to finetune your voice to the querent's to improve communication.

Dec 17th - Decans But with Vampires

In a previous lesson, I let you into my astrological experiments, so it continues! This time around, we will see what the Decans can do for us in a reading, and we'll do it with Vampires with the help of the book Phantasmagoria, companion book to the Vampire Tarot by Ian Daniels.



Dec 10th - To Ask or Not to Ask and How to Ask

Questions are an integral part of our work as readers and sometimes, there's no right way to ask (or is there?) In this lesson, we walk through what to do, how to do it, and is it even a good idea to do it?

Dec 3rd - The Fountain Spread

In this lesson we will go through The Fountain Spread as described in the book Untold Tarot by Caitlín Matthews. A dynamic style of reading that just flows!

Nov 26th - Let's Read for Advice, But First, Let's See what the Advice is

Today we will work with reading in a style that focuses on giving (requested) advice to our querents. We will discover how to identify the advice given by the cards and how it goes with the situation.

Nov 19th - My Astrology Experiment

Tag along with me in my latest Astrology experiment where we will explore the astrological associations of the cards to add a flavor to our reading.

Nov 12th - Explain Tarot to your Cat and Other Ways to Cultivate your Extrapolation Skills

In today's audio lesson, we will work on working with more flexible and adaptable meanings as we learn to "translate" the essence of the cards according to the context. We will also see a few ways to play around with the cards to enrich our meaning associations.

Nov 5th - The Multiple Uses of Knighting in a Tableau Disposition

Knighting your tarot cards can reveal multiple associations of meaning that are not obvious at first glance. Learn how this technique can enhance your readings.

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