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I mentor students of all levels; aspiring readers who have just got started with tarot, intermediate readers who are looking to connect the dots and seasoned readers who are looking for a different outlook or are seeking to transition into reading professionally. 


Private mentoring sessions are a fantastic option to work around specific obstacles in your divination journey, create a solid foundation for your practice or explore new methods. 

My teaching style is practical, oriented at helping my students internalize reliable reading methods and giving them a variety of resources and tools that they can use to read and interpret with confidence and find their own voice. My goal as a mentor is for my students to be able to read fluently on any subject that they feel comfortable reading on, extract concrete answers and be able to substantiate their interpretation at different points in the reading so that they feel confident in their conclusions.

You can book a one-off session to explore a particular topic or find guidance regarding a concrete difficulty in your reading, or choose to have ongoing support in your development. These sessions are entirely tailored to your experience and goals. You're welcome to contact me prior to booking your session(s) to see what may work best for you! In any case, I will contact you to discuss your experience and expectations before your session starts so that you can make the most out of it. ​

If you book multiple sessions, we will determine what is the best way to space them to make them as optimal as possible for your situation.


Do you know that the Protégée members of Tarot for Real Life have one mentoring session per month included in their membership? Check it out!

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