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Most tarot readers have, at some point, felt STUCK in an "intermediate" level.

You know the meanings of all 78 cards (well, you may struggle a bit with the courts) but you feel there's something missing in your readings. Sometimes, there are cards that don't seem to "fit".


You have ended up talking about something else in a reading, even when the original question or the subject at hand was different.


You've read lots of books, but you struggle to find new content, something that helps you fill in the gaps and connect the dots.


Sounds familiar?


Probably you've read about a querent's romantic interest (who hasn't?) and when the 8 of Pentacles came to the table you've said that this person was too busy at work to pay attention to the relationship. Okay, maybe it wasn't the 8 of Pentacles but the 10 of Wands instead. Or a lot of Wands, or Pentacles.


Well, let's leave it at you've talked about work in a love reading.


Or if you're reading about career and the Knight of Cups shows up, you've called an office affair.


It's okay! We've all been there.

Truth is, there are not a lot of resources to help you thread the cards together, read cohesively and make interpretations that are practical as well as precise.


Let's change that!

Learn a reading system that will make you stop struggling to make sense of certain cards in the context of your reading. Stop speaking about love in your money readings, and give relevant, on-topic insights to yourself and your sitters every time.


Learn to read the cards fluently and cohesively in any context and for any question.


Embrace an interactive and dynamic reading style and see your reading as a whole.


Use suits, numbers, directionality and other tarot elements to add depth to your reading.

Many readers feel stuck at an "intermediate level" where they feel that they know the meanings of the cards and can read them in a number of contexts but their readings are lacking a "je ne sais quoi". Are you at that point in which a book of meanings is "yet another book of things I already know"? If you feel that you are ready to take your readings to the next level, the Tableau system of reading may be for you.

Reading a spread with set positions can feel too rigid, and it can be hard to see the reading as a whole when you are focused on each card in its position. The Tableau is a dynamic reading style that is approached in easily accessible layers, so that regardless of the situation, question and cards on your table, you have resources to give a satisfactory reading.

Tarot Tableau | The Sibyl's Tarot | Maria Alviz Hernando | Sibyl Tarot

Download your Quick Guide to the Nine Card Tableau and get the keys to a reading style that you'll keep coming back to time and again.


  • Say goodbye to clarifiers.


  • Thread your cards together.


  • Increase your confidence to commit to an answer.


  • A spread that tells you the whole story.

Maria Alviz Hernando | The Sibyls Tarot | Tarot Tableau | Tarot Vintage | Tarot Reader Online | Tarot Quotes


Maria Alviz Hernando | World Divination Association Director | Tarot Reader Online | Tarot Teacher | Tarot Tableau | The Sibyl's Tarot
Best Tarot Teacher | WDA Awards 2023 | Maria Alviz Hernando


María's tarot journey began circa 2006, after she bought a deck behind her parent's back that she hasn't put back ever since (well, truth be told, she did put it back, since half of it was lost at some point. Fret not, she replaced it with a new copy and then some!). What started as a hobby, turned into a passion that eventually became her full-time occupation in late 2015. In 2017, she established herself as The Sibyl's Tarot. At present, María is a reader of multiple systems, divination teacher, and international speaker.

Her signature style, known as Tarot Tableau, blends traditional tarot and European cartomantic techniques, resulting in a system that aims to make tarot effective, useful, and to the point. As a reader, she employs a combination of prediction and analysis, exploring the possibilities available and offering actionable steps to provide her querents with a 360º perspective on their situation, always in a practical, down to earth and relatable manner.

While tarot is her default medium of divination, she enhances her practice with other divinatory systems, with Lenormand and the Oracle Belline being two big favorites. She has designed two decks; The Oracle Belline Reimagined and The Thinning Veil Oracle, and has been a colaborator in the guidebook of The Voice & Vision Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.

As one of the Directors of the World Divination Association and its Spanish-speaking branch, WDA Hispana, María is dedicated to promoting the love for divination worldwide. The World Divination association is a passionate and easy-going international community of diviners of all walks of life that provides high-quality, accessible education in traditional divination systems, fostering a supportive and engaging network of like-minded peers around the globe.

Education is a cornerstone of her work, and she offers diverse online courses at the World Divination Association, such as Tarot Tableau Techniques, Exploring Sexuality Through Tarot, Tarot Death and Grief, and Oracle Belline, to name a few. She also enjoys cultivating closer relationships with her one-on-one students through private mentoring lessons tailored to their needs.

María has had the privilege of presenting at numerous online and in-person conferences, including the World Divination Association Big Bang Conference, Lenormand Summit, Divination Pride, Stockholm Tarot Conference, World Divination Association Virtual Conference, and StaarCon.

Beyond her undying love for tarot reading, María indulges in her other passions, including history and antiques, especially the world of antique jewelry, literature, cross-stitching, travel, and spoiling her bratty cats. She is based in Madrid and resides with her fabulous husband, acting as the live-in servants of their five entitled kitties with an extraordinary skill to steal and chew cards.


Maria Alviz Hernando | World Divination Association Director | Tarot Reader Online | Tarot Teacher | Tarot Tableau | The Sibyl's Tarot | Oracle Belline | Tarot Readings


Fall in love with the talkative symbols of the Oracle Belline and its welcoming nature. This overlooked deck is one of the most fascinating that you will encounter and the combination of the symbols with the planetary correspondences of each card make it a brilliant system for layered reading. 

Whether you are seeking to learn, practice or both, you are welcome to join a community of Belline readers in the Facebook group by the World Divination Association WDA - Oracle Belline - Learn and Practice.

Oracle Belline Reimagined by María Alviz Hernando

A bridge sized, 53 card deck in gorgeous linen cardstock. A reimagined version that maintains the essence of the classic Oracle Belline by Grimaud. 


Thinning Veil Oracle | Ancestral Oracle | Halloween Oracle | Oracle Mediumship

The Thinning Veil Oracle is the result of a personal journey to create a way to interpret messages from the other side. This very flexible deck is a wonderful companion for those who seek to strengthen their connection beyond the veil and be in touch with their spiritual team. 

This deck consists on 32 mini cards in gorgeous linen cardstock + a downloadable guide to help you take your first steps and develop your relationship with this tool.

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