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The Fool in Tarot: Meanings for Real-Life

Updated: Apr 7

The Core Meaning* of The Fool in Tarot


The open and innocent spirit of The Fool is not influenced by his surroundings. He does not think about the destination, but about the path. The word that comes to mind is "new" since the essence of the card is about the unexplored and the potential that it contains. 

When translating this to real life, we are looking at an undeveloped situation, whether an opportunity, an adventure, a connection. It is approached with curiosity but also light-heartedness. The destination or goal is not assured but potential, malleable, and subject to the twists and turns of the landscape.

*Core meanings are not just another keyword resource. Check this!

The Fool meaning in tarot. Discover the meaning of The Fool in real-life situations of love, career, academia, spirituality, health and more. The Sibyl's Tarot.
The Fool from This Might Hurt Tarot by Isabella Rotman (Arcana Sacra)

It's All About the Context! The Meaning of The Fool in Diverse Situations.

What attitudes and behaviours does The Fool support?

Curiosity, innocence, childlike wonder, spontaneity, being in the present, living the experience for the sake of the experience.

What attitudes or behaviours does The Fool warn against?

Recklessness, excesive whimsy, carelessness towards the consecuences of one’s actions, commitment issues.

What's The Fool as a personal strength?

Unintimidated by new endeavours or unfamiliar situations.

What's The Fool as a personal weakness?

Unreliability, inability to commit or think long term, not capable of thinking things through.

What's The Fool as a personality?

Upbeat, adventurous, spontaneous, maybe slightly antisocial, good with animals, always looking for the next thing.

How does The Fool describe a relationship?

New and exciting, one day at a time, not solid or at least not yet.

How does The Fool describe a break-up?

Fresh, impulsive, reactionary.

How does The Fool describe a problem?

Unexpected turn of events, a pop-up inconvenience, a "would’ve been preventable" problem caused by lack of forethought.

How does The Fool describe an opportunity?

A new opportunity in an unfamiliar environment.

What's The Fool as a career option?

Freelancer, traveler, digital nomad, hiking guide, comedian.

What's The Fool as an academic option?

Self-taught, not academically inclined but curious, a drop-out, a change of majors.

What's The Fool as a working environment?

Self-paced, not too structured, remote or flexible.

What's The Fool as a financial situation?

Paycheck-to-paycheck, making ends meet for needs only but no frills, a new or unrealiable source of income.

What's The Fool as a health issue?

Condition caused by lack of follow-up with check-ups. Inconsistent about healthcare prevention. Sprain. A fall. An injury caused by mountain sports.

How does The Fool describe a spiritual practice?

Eclectic, freestyle, animistic. Worship of god Pan.

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