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What David and Goliath can Teach You about Tarot

What does the defeat of Goliath by the hand of David have to do with giving a tarot reading? While apparently unrelated, this biblical story has a lesson that you can apply to your divination practice to become a better reader (and no, it's not just to trust the Lord to provide). Read until the end to learn how mimicking King David can turn you into a better diviner. According to the biblical account in the Book of Samuel, King Saul started a war against the Philistines, whose champion, the giant known as Goliath, would each day challenge the Israelites to send a champion of their choice to defeat him in combat, and thus decide the outcome of the battle.

Intimidated by Goliath's size and presence, the army of King Saul would take a step back. Despite the King's promises of riches and many benefits, not even the finest warriors would take their chances against Goliath. Until, some 40 days later, David, who was nothing but a shepherd, showed up and encountered the situation. And with great confidence he told King Saul that he would try his luck in defeating the giant.

King Saul said whatever the biblical equivalent to "What the f*** are you talking about?" was, but David was determined and ended up convincing the king. Saul, seeing that there was some reason in his confidence after listening to his account of previous accomplishments, lent his own tunic, armor, and weaponry to the young David, but the latter soon realized he couldn't take a step in all that.

"I'm not used to this" he said, as he took off the king's armor, and instead of the king's nice weapons, he selected a sling and put a few stones in his pocket. The story says that when Goliath saw him approaching with basically a stick in his hand he asked if he thought he was a dog or what. But we all know how the story ends, and how, with his very basic sling, he managed to hit the giant in the forehead with a stone, causing him to fall and giving David the opportunity to finish him.

David and Goliath Tarot | How to become a better tarot reader | Learn tarot | The Sibyl's Tarot | Maria Alviz Hernando

Okay, cool. But what does this have to do with anything?

Be like David if you want to become a better reader

Well, Goliath is your tarot spread (say tarot, say whatever mean of divination you're using).

The army of King Saul is probably busy, doing some math about how tall Goliath is and what material is armor is made of. This is you, thinking about the deck that you're using, the phase of the moon and the tradition you follow.

The armor of King Saul is also you, maybe feeling that your readings are missing something, and reading one metric gazillion squared of books, learning Kabbalistic correspondences, Astrological correspondences, symbolism, wanting to channel Pamela Colman Smith, or Aleister Crowley, or, in a nutshell, wanting to learn everything about everything (which is great! Nothing against that!) and still not being able to figure out what the spread means.

Now, David. David is the reader we all want to be! He leaves behind the weighty armor that doesn't let him comfortably move, the fancy weapons he doesn't know how to use, and he takes the tools he knows, looks at his enemy, and realizes that he doesn't care what his armor is made of, how big he is or if his sword is longer than his entire body, because all that he needs to do is manage to hit him in the forehead with a stone. Practical, simple means to attain a clear, simple goal.

Instead of complicating more, he complicates less. "This is what I know how to use, this is what I need to achieve with it."

Bang! Goliath is on the ground.

I'm not trying to keep you from learning the Kabbalistic correspondences of the cards if that's what makes your heart sing, by all means, do it. What I'm trying to tell you, though, is to learn how to identify how you can make the most out of the resources and skills that you already have, and use them to make the most out of your readings.

This is what I do in my online community, where I send a few e-mails each week with real life experiences, practical tips, advice and exercises to help you give poignant, useful and concrete readings that answer the questions that your querents really have.

The best of all? It's FREE. And you can join just by clicking here.

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