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Tarot Meanings for the Age of Tinder

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

The current dating scene is, in the words of the wise Melisandre, dark and full of horrors! As a reader, I deal on a daily with lots of questions related to love, most specifically, questions that revolve around complicated relationships, inconsistent romantic interests and people who disappear like Harry Potter under the invisibility cloak.

Tarot meanings love readings

In this Tinder era, we can browse a selection of the finest preferred gender in our area in the comfort of our pijamas, without even having to look presentable for the occasion! And I'm not at all saying it is a bad thing, after all, I met my now husband on Tinder a few years ago, so the pijama browsing definitely did the trick. However; It is true that hiding behind a screen while browsing through a catalogue of single folks around us without the smallest inconvenience on our part, can contribute to losing sight that there's an actual person on the other side. That, together with the fact that we're aware of how many people are available creates a cocktail of commitment issues mixed with a few drops of FOMO and that, as a whole generation, we're kind of used to living in a state of uncertainty and not knowing what will we do next and the result are late nights rolling in bed wondering what the hell does this person want.

Well, I can't save you from the bad dates or from the disappointment, but I can sure share some of the experience that I've acquired dealing with relationships and Tarot in recent years so that hopefully, even if your relationships remain confusing, your Tarot readings won't. Let's walk through the cards that I see the most in confusing situations and add a Tinder nuance to our classic Tarot card meanings.

Tarot meanings for the age of Tinder

If you know me and know how I read, you know I am adamant that context is key for giving a detailed reading and that the rest of the cards on the table need to be taken into consideration to see the bigger picture. So while this is not the only possible way to interpret each one of these cards in the context of a love reading, these are the ones that I have encountered more often in confusing love situations.

3 Of Wands: This prospective partner is open as a guestbook, you're far from being the only one in their mind and they are not thinking about whatever it is that you have as an exclusive relationship. They're ready to jump into the next exciting thing, though they will probably hang around though until something that suits them better comes around.

Three of Wands meaning in love readings

5 Of Wands: This one is the perfect depiction of The Gardener's Dog. A person who masters the art of running hot and cold and who is unable to behave consistently. Either they can't be with you but also not without you, or their mouth and their actions say different things. In any case, this is the kind of situation that you can clarify quite easily by removing yourself from it. (Though it's easier said than done!)

Five of Wands meaning in love readings

4 Of Pentacles: Or "My way or the highway" applies to people who are a real sweetheart as long as they are in full control of the relationship but tend to disappear, get distant or not communicate as soon as you give signs of wanting something that requires them to compromise or to reciprocate. They will take what you offer and be happy about it, but they will not give back.

Four of pentacles meaning in love readings

4 Of Cups: This is the person that you may be in a situationship with, or that you've been pursuing for some time and who says things like "I wish I met someone like you" or "I wonder when will I meet The One" as if you were not there. Depending on the situation, this person may see you as a friend, or at least a friend with benefits, but they don't want you enough to have a relationship with you, and while they may even know that you're a great candidate, their feelings just aren't there.

Four of Cups meaning in love readings

7 of Cups: A.K.A. Not gonna happen. This card is more about you (or the querent, or your friend) than it is about the other party. It comes up more often than not in situation where the person of interest is nowhere to be found - and maybe hasn't been in a bit - or who is not giving any clear sign of wanting to be in a relationship, yet you (sorry, the querent!) still have hope that they may have lost their phone, or their memory slipping with a banana peel or are just too busy. Well, specially if it comes together with the 2 of Swords and / or The Star... It may just be time to rip off the band-aid!

Seven of Cups meaning love reading

The Hierophant: While in the right combination it can be a long-term relationship card (some even would speak of marriage with this card on the table) maybe don't call the bridesmaids just yet. In a context in which the person is not showing the desire to make progress or is confusing you, this card can be the mark of a gatekeeper!

The Hierophant meaning love readings

The Wheel of Fortune: Similarly to the last one, the sight of this card can prompt talk about fate, karma and soul connections. And while that's a possibility, in the context of a situation that's difficult to understand, it's very possible that, in the absence of other cards that sustain a "made above" situation, this is just telling you to spin the wheel again and try your luck elsewhere.

The Wheel of Fortune meaning love readings

The World: When there are no other elements that suggest a happily ever after in the reading, there's a good chance that this is Tarot's way to - wink, wink - swipe left!

The world meaning love readings

Bonus: The Knights

While there are a few exceptions of Knights-turned-Kings (or Queens), the reality is that very frequently, the Knights are temporary like money in your checking account on the first of the month!

The Knight of Cups: A.K.A. The Intense one. They have started a relationship, talked about meeting your parents next weekend, named your hypothetical three kids and puppy all within two weeks, then disappeared overnight leaving you wondering what went wrong. You did nothing wrong, it's just the way they operate! They're just in love with beginnings.

The Knight of Cups meaning in love

The Knight of Wands: A.K.A. The Satisfyer. They're the best sex you'll have this year. They are charming, charismatic, adventurous, full of life and most likely awesome in bed. Not for the long run, though. Very much like a satisfyer, they will eventually run out of batteries in the worst moment.

The Knight of Wands meaning love reading

The Knight of Swords: A.K.A The Don't Fall For Me Baby. "Brutally honest" was a part of their description. They're interesting and witty, probably said a couple of edgy things during your date that were either awkward or funny. They wear their transparency and honesty as a badge of honor and will say they don't want anything with you and then plan your next date. When you're confused they'll say "But I told you!"

Knight of Swords meaning love reading

The Knight of Pentacles: A.K.A. Call of Duty. They seem to have everything together but there's some sort of impediment to your love. They have responsibilities to tend to, a parakeet that needs water or aspirations greater than love. It's not you, it's them!

Knight of Pentacles meaning love reading

And now, hoping to have left you with some practical Tarot knowledge to apply to your next dates, I'll leave you be and swipe! Let me know in the comments what are the cards that just don't make sense in your dating adventures!


If you want to continue learning about the ins and outs of reading for love, relationships, compatibility and more, check out my course Heartbreak and Tarot: Become a 360º Guide in Separations, Reconciliations and Healing.


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