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The Astrological Influences Spread for the Oracle Belline

Updated: Apr 1

What I'm going to share today is the result of a bit of investigation that turned out really well! When considering the possibility of doing a Grand Tableau with the Oracle Belline I was soon faced with constrictions of space (I have no surface other than the floor where I can lay 53 cards together, and still it was quite uncomfortable!) and impracticality, so I thought of a way to take advantage of the astrological correspondences of the Oracle Belline but make it "lite" in order to get insight into the querent's life with fewer cards. This is what I came up with!

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The idea behind it is simple: Laying eight rows of three cards each. Each row has an astrological association that will focus on one part of the reading as determined in the image above with the last row giving general closure to the reading.

The usual "rules" of Tableau reading can also apply in this Oracle Belline spread. You can look into what cards fall on each section and how that interacts with the astrological association assigned to each particular row. In case that it sounds complicated, here's an example of how it is done.

Warning: This is a practical, not at all cute, unedited picture of what my desk looks like, crap and all!

Oracle Belline | Learn Oracle Belline | Oracle Belline Spreads | Oracle Belline Meanings

Practical Case Study of the Astrological Influences Spread for the Oracle Belline

Our imaginary querent of the day is a woman with no particular question. Looking at the reading, I spot a couple of themes when puzzling together a couple of areas.

Looking at the three cards in the Sun row, it appears that the querent is awaiting news that confirm an achievement or recognition. If we look at the third row, Mercury, we can see cards that suggest that said achievement may have to do with a discovery, a publication, education or career purposes and that it may be contested by someone else or the credit taken as we have Vol Perte. If we move towards Saturn, though, it looks like challenges will be neutralized since there are no particularly difficult cards in the line of Saturn and the blue card is present there.

The Moon row speaks about changes and inconsistencies in matters that were pleasurable before. The appearance of Pourparlers along with Changement, makes me believe that this may have to do with inconsistent communication in love matters. This idea is sustained by the row of Venus, in which Bonheur, Inconstance and La Grâce seem to indicate that there may be an on-again / off-again type of connection or a distant lover that makes a comeback. Yet, when looking at the row of Mars, Amor is at the centre surrounded by Infortune and Maladie, which suggest that the querent will continue to face challenges in this department and the relationship is unlikely to develop in a more stable way. An indicator of this is that Venus cards are not present in the Venus row, but are present in the Mars row, showing how this will be challenged. The row of Jupiter indicates that it is a good moment to bring forth new ideas and projects, and also confirms the success of what is currently contested in the querent's life regarding their project, since Jupiter affects Procés bringing a nuance of triumph for the querent and with L'etoile de l'homme it suggests triumph over the adversary.

The last row speaks of a sweet moment for the querent in their social and family life where they can enjoy their recognition and success. As well, with Heritage, it speaks about long-term stability in that department.

To conclude, the minimal ratio of Saturn cards compared to others and the fact that the positions appear to sustain success over defeat, substantiates the idea of a situation in which obstacles are for the most part overcome in favour of the querent, except those that pertain to matters of love, in which the tendency is mostly unfavourable.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to give it a try? If you have fallen in love with the deck in the picture of my messy desk, it's my Oracle Belline Reimagined, and you can get it here.


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