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Glamour Magic: Enchant Your Jewellery

I have always been at least the distant relative of a magpie. Ever since I was just a little girl I would play with my grandmother's jewellery box, wear every existing necklace available to my little hands at once and have an unstoppable attraction to all things shiny. It was great news when I discovered, years down the line, that my jewellery could be much more than an adornment!

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Jewellery is a passion of mine (even more so if it's antique, despite my husband's complaints that I'm going to end up haunting the house from bringing in what he calls "dead people's stuff") and the point in which my love for collecting intersects with enchanting the pieces I wear to suit specific purposes is all the more exciting.

I believe it's not casual that most spiritually oriented / witchy people are into jewellery. It's a pretty magical thing in itself, often made of materials that have been deep into the earth for thousands of years, carried generation through generation (this reminds me of a book I read many years ago that I loved, "The Blessing Stone" by Barbara Wood, a story of an amulet going from hand to hand from prehistoric times to our days) and being a silent companion in joy and sorrow, failure and success. Memorializing a dear loved one, celebrating a milestone or symbolizing commitment or achievement. Jewellery carries a special significance for the wearer, and this makes it ideal to assist with magical endeavours.

Enchant your jewellery: Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

There are lots of things that I consider when enchanting jewellery: What type of jewellery it is, what kind of use does it allow (is it something that needs to be removed or is it good to go?), the materials or any forms of symbols. Despite these considerations, a good and easy way to get started with this type of magic is based on what type of jewellery it is.

Earrings are very connected to air, and I consider them "whisperers" of sorts since they're hanging from our ears. They are ideal for matters of inspiration, where clear thinking is required, when we want to become better listeners, discern the truth in what we hear, or are seeking for ideas in a particular life area. Necklaces usually hang between the throat chakra and the heart, and depending on the necklace they can hang over the solar plexus as well. This makes them suitable to work with these energetic centres, and they also make great shields, as well as ideal for matters in which we need help projecting.

Bracelets are seen by me as "power banks" of sorts. Sitting on our wrists, they get a lot of movement (probably more than any other jewel) and they can gather energy that we can later on use for a purpose, or they can also help bound, contain and store. Rings, widely known to be a seal of identity or a mark of commitment, are the "doers". Adorning our fingers, they're right in the middle of the action and they can aid in creative pursuits, as well as in all that we want to manipulate (understand manipulate as in "handling", though, if the shoe fits... there are certainly other uses for them!)

Bonus: Brooches and pins

Brooches are great for everything and one of my favourite things to use! You can pin them wherever it is convenient and for as long as you need (and they are fantastic for wardrobe malfunctions and when your decolletage is out of control, so it's a win-win). As well, you can wear them as discreetly or as loudly as you want so they are a wildcard for any magical intent!

What are your thoughts on enchanting your jewellery? Have you done it before? Would you like to see more of this content? Let me know in comments!


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