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The Lovers in Tarot: Meanings for Real-Life

The Core Meaning* of The Lovers in Tarot


This is a twist on a classic. The association of The Lovers to the concept of choice comes from the Tarot de Marseille more than from the Rider Waite Smith system. However, in an attempt to expand on the evident relational meaning of The Lovers,  I went with "choice" because it is undeniable a component of a relationship of any nature. 

In a real-life context, a functional relationship of any kind is a matter of making a mutual decision in the same direction. In a disfunctional one, there's also a choice being made, but not the same. This allows to represents the lights and shadows of the card.

*Core meanings are not just another keyword resource. Check this!

The Lovers meaning in tarot. Discover the meaning of The Lovers in real-life situations of love, career, academia, spirituality, health and more. The Sibyl's Tarot.
The Lovers from the Madam Lydia Wilhelmina's Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre and Autumnn Scenes by Bethalynne Bajema.

It's All About the Context! The Meaning of The Lovers in Diverse Situations.

What attitudes and behaviours does The Lovers support?

A willingness to collaborate and associate with others. Ability to commit to a decision and to choose, and in the same way, the ability to commit. Seeking mutually beneficial agreements, while also having the skill to find beneficial outcomes for oneself.

What attitudes or behaviours does The Lovers warn against?

The inability to commit. Breaking relationships, whether one's own or other people's. Creating discord. Untrustworthy or unfaithful behaviours. Lack of strength to keep a promise.

What's The Lovers as a personal strength?

Selflessness when approaching relationships and the ability to seek compromise.

What's The Lovers as a personal weakness?

Seeing relationships as means to an end for one's own benefit. Being wishy-washy in one's word.

What's The Lovers as a personality?

Alluring and prone to socializing, usually the entreprenurial kind with negociation skills. An individual who has an ease to establish relationships, associations and connections. Communicative and invested in others.

How does The Lovers describe a relationship?

The possibilities of this cards are ample and as it happens with any other cards, the surrounding cards and context will provide more information. The Lovers can represent a loving union or partnership, or an association of individuals for mutual benefit. However, the commitment is not a given. Sure, it indicates that two individuals are coming together, but by itself does not secure stability.

How does The Lovers describe a break-up?

In a break-up, The Lovers suggests a third party in the situation, either because the individual switched relationships or because they were influenced by another. It can also suggest comparison with other couples that have created a deep sense of disappointment. In terms of the strength of the decision, it can often indicate that there's a certain volatility around it.

How does The Lovers describe a problem?

An issue created by having to make a decision. Doubts. Being torn between two options.

How does The Lovers describe an opportunity?

An opportunity through association. A new relationship. Social opportunities. The chance to partner up for a goal. Being invited to partake in an endeavour. A business associate.

What's The Lovers as a career option?

Matchmaking. Relationship coach. Couples therapist. Occupations related to couples or relationships. Entrepreneurship. Start-ups. Sex work.

What's The Lovers as an academic option?

Business related degrees. Psychology oriented at relationships. Anthropology.

What's The Lovers as a working environment?

Collaborative and close knit. It suggests working environments with few people involved. Small businesses or companies. Working closely with another.

What's The Lovers as a financial situation?

A financial situation that is shared or tied to someone else, through partnership, marriage or association. A merge of two streams of income.

What's The Lovers as a health issue?

Due to its relationship with sex, it can refer to STDs. Additionally, it can indicate an issue or condition in those parts of the body that come in pairs (eyes, ears, limbs, lungs, kidneys, ovaries, testicles.)

How does The Lovers describe a spiritual practice?

It can refer to a polytheistic practice or a dual type of spirituality, for instance, Wicca. As well, it can refer to a very "masculine/feminine" approach. Love or sex magic.

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