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The Hierophant in Tarot: Meanings for Real-Life

The Core Meaning* of The Hierophant in Tarot


When I say "institution" I'm not only referring to an organization, though I'm not excluding it. I am also referring to an established practice. What, pretty much like the Church, is, or has been part of the landscape for a long period of time and has a set place in the world, society, or ultimately in the context of a reading, in the situation at hand.

This card in real-life has a nuance of permanence, though it is not to be mistaken with progress. While it can settle things down, it can also speak of a situation that will not develop further. It represents what's accepted as it is by virtue of habit and not necessarily by merit.

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The Hierophant meaning in tarot. Discover the meaning of The Hierophant in real-life situations of love, career, academia, spirituality, health and more. The Sibyl's Tarot.
The Hierophant from the Bianco Nero Tarot by Mario Proietto (US Games)

It's All About the Context! The Meaning of The Hierophant in Diverse Situations.

What attitudes and behaviours does The Hierophant support?

A conservative approach to situations and challenges. Sticking to true-and-tested ways of making things work. Approaching institutions with reverence. Staying within the traditional. Working with institutions for the improvement of the circumstances of the people.

What attitudes or behaviours does The Hierophant warn against?

Following traditionalism without criteria. Valuing institutions over people. Zealotry. Maintaning a façade at all costs. Using tradition to achieve one's ends or oppress.

What's The Hierophant as a personal strength?

Being stable and well-grounded. Able to adapt in a hierarchy. Able to find happiness in what is.

What's The Hierophant as a personal weakness?

Too bound by societal / familiar / self-imposed expectations to break free. Overly comformist.

What's The Hierophant as a personality?

Usually strict and rule-abiding, good at presenting a front of having everything together. It represents a person that adapts easily to structures and can easily identify their role within an organization. This person usually lives by their values, even if they aren't always sure if those are inherited values that they have not subjected to inner scrutiny or their own.

How does The Hierophant describe a relationship?

While many jump into marriage - and that is definitely a possibility with The Hierophant - it is not always the case. It represents a stable relationship, for sure, in which each partner's roles are very well defined. However, in situations in which things are not progressing or in relationships that lack commitment, it can be a sign of stagnation, unless there are cards around that support an evolution.

How does The Hierophant describe a break-up?

A Hierophant break-up is the equivalent of excommunication. This is usually a break-up that has been well-thought of, and in which the person is not only certain about the decision but also willing to cut ties and apply zero contact. It can also speak of official separations.

How does The Hierophant describe a problem?

A widely-known issue that has been going on for a long time but it so deeply intertwined in the situation that it is hard to separate the good from the bad. A known downside.

How does The Hierophant describe an opportunity?

A grant or scholarship. A tenure or long-term opportunity that comes from institutional channels. Alternatively, it can be a volunteering opportunity.

What's The Hierophant as a career option?

Legacy careers (a family of doctors, lawyers...) Institutional careers. Dean or head of a department. Upper management. Church related position. Working in a well-stablished company or multinational.

What's The Hierophant as an academic option?

Theology. Latin or classic languages. Ivy League / Legacy. Higher Studies. University. Formal education.

What's The Hierophant as a working environment?

Very hierarchical. Often old-fashioned. Strong company values. The employee is expected to represent their position even when not on duty.

What's The Hierophant as a financial situation?

Very solid, with multiple streams of income. Old-money / Upper class. Achieving financing from investors or institutions. Grant money.

What's The Hierophant as a health issue?

Often a sign of strong health, it can also indicate conditions related to sedentarism or lack of movement. Chronic illnesses. Inherited conditions.

How does The Hierophant describe a spiritual practice?

Catholicism is the obvious choice, but it is also a fit for every flavour of Abrahamic based faiths.

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