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The High Priestess in Tarot: Meanings for Real-Life

Updated: Apr 7

The Core Meaning* of The High Priestess in Tarot


The High Priestess is the keeper of knowledge that is occult but not forbidden. Her connection to the Moon highlights the inner world, and refers as well to her ties to the pursuit of wisdom of one's own. This wisdom or information is there, but remains unknown until one comes across it (or goes looking for it). 

What does this mean in real-life? I chose "hidden" to be my core meaning simply because The High Priestess does not speak about things that are in the open, but within or behind a veil. Nontheless, nothing stops the querent from finding out the not so obvious if they set themselves to it. It refers what's going on underneath or within and references unknown elements.

*Core meanings are not just another keyword resource. Check this!

The High Priestess Meaning in Tarot. Discover the meaning of The High Priestess in real-life situations of love, career, spirituality and more. The Sibyl's Tarot.
The High Priestess from The Vampire Tarot by Robert M. Place (St. Martin's Press)

It's All About the Context! The Meaning of The High Priestess in Diverse Situations.

What attitudes and behaviours does The High Priestess support?

Cultivating one's intuitive skills, the pursuit of learning and knowledge, taking time to be in touch with one's own spirituality. Looking within and getting attuned to one's own instincts. Approaching a situation without revealing all that one knows. Keeping private matters private.

What attitudes or behaviours does The High Priestess warn against?

Excessive reliance in the spiritual. Mistaking stubbornness for intuition. Paranoia. Eccentricism for the sake of eccentricism.

What's The High Priestess as a personal strength?

Self-learner, discreet, alluring.

What's The High Priestess as a personal weakness?

Secretive to the point of dishonesty. Excessive suspicion.

What's The High Priestess as a personality?

Discreet, scarce with words but wise, trustworthy, can keep a secret. Usually a person with interests that are not mainstream. Not overly social but reachable if there's a need.

How does The High Priestess describe a relationship?

Positively aspected it can indicate a very private relationship, but more often than not it speaks of a relationship that's secret or kept under the radar. Frequently, it is not committed.

How does The High Priestess describe a break-up?

This card can be an indicator of a third party in the relationship or a secret that has been the cause of the separation. It also suggests that the reasons for the break-up have not been openly disclosed. In some cases it could indicate that the romantic interest went cold or can suggest ghosting.

How does The High Priestess describe a problem?

A problem that has been generated by trying to cover something up. A situation made worse by not having addressed a previous issue. The elephant in the room.

How does The High Priestes describe an opportunity?

Available but unseen, this card indicates opportunities and options that may not be the obvious ones or that might go unnoticed. Thinking out of the box is required to identify them. An opportunity taken on a hunch.

What's The High Priestess as a career option?

Psychic / Reader. Professions that require secrecy or discretion. Psychologist or Therapist. Librarian. Book keeper. Museologist.

What's The High Priestess as an academic option?

Often cultivated but not necessarily titled. For official education, things related to preservation of knowledge; a student of classic languages, History, or heritage restoration.

What's The High Priestess as a working environment?

Quiet, calm, self-paced. Usually independent in the sense that it's not too crowded. Suggests a job in an individual office or separated space or an environment in which silence is required.

What's The High Priestess as a financial situation?

Intuitive management of resources, not tracked or following a budget. This kind of financial situation can lead to unexpected circumstances that may turn problematic.

What's The High Priestess as a health issue?

Due to its connection with the moon, it can relate to hormonal issues and issues that have to do with the ovaries, uterus or phallopian tubes.

How does The High Priestess describe a spiritual practice?

Likely not following an Abrahamic religion, or following the idea without adhering to the dogma. Out of the traditional. Witchcraft. Spirituality without intermediaries.

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