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The Dionysus Amethyst Necklace adds a drop of calm sitting gently on your chest.


This beautiful necklace in sterling silver with carefully faceted black onyx beads and a labradorite drop is perfect for daily wear, alone or layered with a choker or a longer chain (or both if you're feeling extra). 


Bling with Intent


Jewelry accompanies us through many different things in our lives, becoming a part of us. For this, they are perfect companions to help us set our intentions.


Necklaces sit, depending on their length between our throats and our chest, making them ideal for working with these energetic points. This area is fantastic for helping us in the way we want to express ourselves due to its connection with the throat chakra and the energy that we want to attract and/or radiate, due to its connection with the heart chakra. 


You can use this beaded chain to repeat your mantras or to set your intentions on each bead. 


About Amethyst


Amethyst is known to bring serenity and calm as well as enhance the sense of intuition. It brings balance to altered emotional states and is known to help calm the mind before sleep and takes its name from the greek "amethystos" (not intoxicated) which makes it a perfect companion when seeking to maintain sobriety.

Dionysus Amethyst Necklace