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A Whisper of Courage Garnet Earrings.


These gorgeous raw garnet earrings are mounted in 18k gold plated sterling silver. With a very comfortable weight, they dangle from your ears whispering the courage and vitality of garnet. 


Bling with Intent


Jewelry accompanies us through many different things in our lives, becoming a part of us. For this, they are perfect companions to help us set our intentions.


Earrings are fantastic conductors of energy towards the upper chakras. Hanging from our ears, or in the case of long earrings caressing our necks, they are a reminder of what you want to bring your awareness to.  


You can use these earrings to imbue them with energy of courage, self-confidence, vitality or to bring about an increased sex-appeal.


About Garnet


Garnet gets its name from its resemblance to pomegranate seeds. This crystal promotes self-confidence and courage, is a protector of travelers, and enhances stamina and sexual vigor.

A Whisper of Courage Garnet Earrings

24,00 €Price
Sales Tax Included
    • Material: 18k Gold Plated Silver 925
    • Crystal: Raw Garnet
    • Total length: ~6cm / ~2.25 inches
    • Weight: ~2 grams / ~0.07oz
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