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Timing in The Oracle Belline

Timing is a common subject of debate in every system of divination and the Oracle Belline is no exception. Timing yes? Timing no? Is it even possible to predict timing?

I say yes, with certain limitations.

Predicting time up to the day, time and second? Improbable (though I've seen a couple of people get pretty close, but that's a different superpower than card interpretation!) Now, getting an idea of a timeline, provided that our actions are contributing to the cause? That's a pretty feasible thing to do.

The Oracle Belline is specially interesting for this because its planetary associations and the interactions between them give us plenty to work with, and add hints as to how to make it happen.

The planets / celestial bodies that are associated with the Oracle Belline are as follows:

  • The Sun

  • The Moon

  • Mercury

  • Venus

  • Mars

  • Jupiter

  • Saturn

Based on the characteristics and movement of these elements, we can get an idea of the speed at which things will happen. The associations of the planets with the signs can be an indicator for the season around which something is going to happen, and of course, ultimately the symbols in the cards and the cards meaning can help in determining more details.

Timing in the Oracle Belline

Oracle Belline Reimagined Second Edition
Oracle Belline Reimagined Second Edition

Sun Cards as Timing in the Oracle Belline

The Sun corresponds with Leo (~July 23rd - August 22nd) and we know these cards for being favourable. The Sun doesn't move in an orbit, everthing else moves around it, and in particular, we determine time based on the Earth's rotation and translation movements. Considering that the Sun stays put, we can conclude that the situation we have asked about is favourable, but when it comes to timing, the rest of the cards (and the context of the situation) are going to play a role.

We can see Sun cards as Leo season, but also as Spring-Summer (the concrete months will change based on the hemisphere you're in). It can mark a year or it can mark a day.

How do we know? Well, context is key for this. If you're asking when you're going to get married and you don't currently have a partner, the presence of Sun cards shows favourable in terms of marriage being a possibility, but when setting a timeline for it, we are probably going to be moving more in yearly terms than in daily ones. If we are asking "when is my parcel going to arrive?" moving in the daily appears more relevant.

That's for context, but what about card interactions? Mercury is the fastest planet to make a trip around the Sun, so the appearance of Mercury is going to speed up the process. Saturn is the slowest planet to make a trip around the Sun (that appears in the Oracle Belline) so if it shows up, it's going to slow down the process.

Moon Cards as Timing in the Oracle Belline

The Moon as a satelite of the Earth orbitates in cycles of 28 days, which is usually rounded up to a month. The characteristic of the Moon from the Earth is its changeability, which adds a nuance of inconsistency and unpredictability about timing. It can indicate a month, sure, but it can also indicate changeability around a timeline.

Since the Moon is the ruler of Cancer, it could also point towards Cancer Season (~June 21st - July 22nd).

How do we know? The interaction of The Moon with successful or stable planets or celestial bodies (An example of successful would be The Sun and Jupiter, an example of stable would be Venus for its correpondence with Earth) could be favourable to a month / monthly-ish timeline, while the interaction between The Moon and the unpredictable characteristics of Mercury would be more in alignment with a chaotic kind of timeline. Mars, having troublesome characteristics, could add to the mix and Saturn can definitely add delays to it.

Mercury Cards as Timing in the Oracle Belline

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, so it can point towards those seasons (Gemini being ~May 21st - June 20th and Virgo being ~August 23rd - September 22nd). It is the fastest moving planet, so, usually, it won't make you wait long, and it favours matters of communication, business, investments, commerce and intellect, so it is particularly favourable to those areas. However, this planet also has a somewhat unpredictable energy and has an ambiguous side. For this, in matters of timing, it can be an indicator of fast speed, but also suggest that the opportunity won't be available for long, or that the results may not be stable in the long term.

How do we know? As explained above, context is your friend, but also the interaction with other planets and the question you are asking. Is Jupiter nearby? Since it adds success and stability, it is probably a good sign that we can go with a Gemini or Virgo season (airy planets will point to Gemini, earthy planets will point to Virgo) or depending on what else is in the mix (a lot of Mercury + Sun would point towards a faster timeline, while Mercury + Moon would point towards the ambiguity) we can draw a conclusion.

Venus Cards as Timing in the Oracle Belline

Venus is the ruler of Taurus (~April 20th - May 20th) and Libra (~September 23rd - October 22nd) and brings an energy of harmony and enjoyment. As an Earth planet that moves slightly faster than the Earth, it is also favourable in terms of speed and brings a soon-ish result (bearing in mind that it is a pretty earthy planet). It foretells more predictable developments in the situation, usually, within less than a year in its longest timeframe.

How do we know? Look at the other cards and planets to see how they accelerate or slow down the timeline. Mercury + Venus? Might not be so harmonious. Sun + Venus? I'd go with the seasons ruled by the planet, considering that other earthy planets could point towards Taurus and airy planets point towards Libra. Venus + Jupiter? It may be slower than desired but still successful.

Mars Cards as Timing in the Oracle Belline

Mars is the ruler of Aries (~March 21st - April 19th) and Scorpio (~October 23rd - November 21st). It is a complicated planet, with very passionate and driven energy but also prone to conflict. When Mars is on the table, conflicts and delays are to be expected. It is not a terribly slow planet (though it moves slower than the Earth, taking almost twice as long in going around the Sun) but it can definitely be an indicator of a bumpy ride ahead.

How do we know? With Mars, favourable planets or celestial bodies like The Sun will point towards it's ruling seasons, following the same guidelines as other planets. Mercury can accelerate it but make it a "quick and dirty, and no guaranteed satisfaction". Venus and Jupiter will add stability, though the latter can add to the timeline, and the combo of Mars + Saturn is probably pretty close to a "not gonna happen" in terms of timeline.

Jupiter Cards as Timing in the Oracle Belline

Jupiter is the ruler of Saggitarius (~November 22nd - December 21st) and Pisces (~February 19th - March 20th). It is a very expansive planet that fosters growth and success and as such it is a very favourable sign. It plays the long-game, though, and being considerably slow in its orbit, it is not known for fast results, though this can change depending on what's around it.

How do we know? Well, Jupiter is strong enough to withstand the company of Mercury without being influenced by its volatility, and this combination brings fast success. It gets along with most energies, that can speed it up or slow it down. Jupiter + Saturn cards can still be a yes but in a very long-term future. With the Sun or a majority of Jupiter cards, I'd go with its seasons.

Saturn Cards as Timing in the Oracle Belline

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn (~December 22nd - January 19th) and Aquarius (~January 20th - February 18th) and it is, by far, the slowest planet, and one not known to be specially favourable (not to give Saturn a bad rap, it has its role and benefits, but, boy, it makes you go through a lot!) so, when it comes to timing, this is as close to a never as it gets, even if it is not always the case.

How do we know? Usually, I would want to see some significant substantiation on the table to see possibility with a majority of Saturn is on the table that makes me go with anything other than a "not gonna happen". Even in the best scenarios, it is going to be conflicting and delayed, and when there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you're going to come to the other side of it like the meme where Winona Rider smokes a cigarrette. Only when Saturn comes with Sun cards in the spread I would go with its seasons to give a timeline. Given its seasons, it can also point to Winter.

So, this is a rough guide on how do I work with timing in the Oracle Belline, and I hope it helps you in your reading journey. Are you a Belline fan? Check out the Oracle Belline Reimagined Second Edition. And, if you want to receive e-mails with the best divination tips, sign up here.

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