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The Chariot in Tarot: Meanings for Real-Life

The Core Meaning* of The Chariot in Tarot


I've had multiple interesting discussions with this one. Many see The Chariot as overcoming obstacles, and while it is one of its possibilities, I believe that "movement" is a more accurate core meaning for this card. The image represents the Platonic myth of the charioteer. In this myth, the chariot does not move on its own, but by virtue the charioteer being able to control both horses. 

In real-life, movement is not always forward and does not always mean overcoming. A wheel can collapse, there can be a change of direction or we may not always end up in the right place. Additionally, we may stay long-term in our destination or it may be just a trip. The Chariot, thus, brings movement into the situation, but is not by itself victorious necessarily.

*Core meanings are not just another keyword resource. Check this!

The Chariot meaning in tarot. Discover the meaning of The Chariot in real-life situations of love, career, academia, spirituality, health and more. The Sibyl's Tarot.
The Chariot from the Disney Villains Tarot by Ellie Goldwine (Insight Editions)

It's All About the Context! The Meaning of The Chariot in Diverse Situations.

What attitudes and behaviours does The Chariot support?

Movement. Seeking progress and evolution. Having a sense of direction or knowing where you're heading. Being in control of what's needed to move forward. An ability to direct a situation.

What attitudes or behaviours does The Chariot warn against?

Not contemplating detours or potential issues when planning or moving forward. Taking progress for granted. Moving aimlessly. Losing control of the situation. Being lead by outside forces.

What's The Chariot as a personal strength?

Focus, direction and determination.

What's The Chariot as a personal weakness?

Excessive eagerness. Spurring the proverbial horse beyond what's reasonable. Seeking movement for the sake of movement. Having difficulties settling somewhere.

What's The Chariot as a personality?

Usually tempered, disciplined and focused, this is an individual that knows where they're going and how to get there. Their drive can make it so that, sometimes, they forget about those around them when pursuing their goals. Ambitious and with a go-getter attitude, they may miss certain details since their focus is on the end goal.

How does The Chariot describe a relationship?

It can be a relationship that's progressing or one that is temporary, depending on the context or the cards at hand. In the absence of cards that bring a sense of stability to the reading, it will most likely describe a passing connection. If there are indicators of solidity and development on the table, it brings progress or suggests overcoming obstacles.

How does The Chariot describe a break-up?

This describes a break-up situation in which there are already other plans or a desire to leave behind the situation and move on. In certain situations, it can refer to a person that flees the situation without explanation or may speak of an unexpected situation by the person who has been broken up with, despite it being planned by the initiator.

How does The Chariot describe a problem?

An unforeseen obstacle or a miscalculation. Delays. Finding a blockage that forces a change of direction.

How does The Chariot describe an opportunity?

An opportunity to travel or to change directions. A chance for victory that opens up. Being able to leave a situation just in time. A promotion.

What's The Chariot as a career option?

Uber / taxi / bus / truck / ambulance driver. Locomotive engineer. Pilot. Athlete. High military positions.

What's The Chariot as an academic option?

Automotive engineering. Aeronautical engineering. EMT.

What's The Chariot as a working environment?

Fast paced. May require traveling or handling multiple locations, it could also be remote.

What's The Chariot as a financial situation?

Due to its connection to movement, it can refer to a fluid financial situation. However, context can indicate that this need to always be on the go speaks of a financial situation in which the querent is always chasing the next paycheck, not having the opportunity to catch a break.

What's The Chariot as a health issue?

Generally a positive health indicator. It can also indicate disabilities that require walking aids or mobility aids. It can refer to accidents in transit or sports injuries as well.

How does The Chariot describe a spiritual practice?

An evolving spiritual practice. It can speak of a connection to horse-related deities, such as Epona or Rihannon.

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