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Welcome to your membership!

I'm happy and grateful to have you here, embarking on this learning journey with me. Here are some things that you should know to make the most out of your membership. 

You can manage your membership from the members area. You can access it at the top of the page, right by the shopping cart icon on desktop and on top of the menu on mobile.

For Grasshoppers, Padawans and Protégées:

  • You will receive an extra e-mail each Saturday that starts with [MEMBERS ONLY] in the subject. It contains your Real-life Reading analysis of the week. All members are welcome to respond with questions or insights.

  • Each Sunday, a new audio lesson will go up (Generally at or before 12PM GMT, though technology doesn't always contribute to the cause) that will be available in the section "TAROT FOR REAL LIFE > AUDIO LESSONS"

  • You are welcome to message me with questions on lessons, insights, or any suggestions that you may have about material that you would like to see covered in the lessons. 

For Padawans and Protégées: 

  • The Monthly Members Meeting is on the last Sunday of each month (unless otherwise indicated). You will receive an e-mail in advance with the link to join the meeting. It will be recorded and sent in an e-mail if you can't make it.

  • You have e-mail mentoring included! Every other week for Padawans and weekly for Protégées. This means that you can send me any reading that you want me to look over, or ask any question that you may have.

For Protégées: 

  • In addition to everything else, you have one mentoring sessions included each month. I will get in touch with  you to arrange your meeting.

You can contact me at or through the form below.

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