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For those questions that are a bit more complex and require a deep-dive. You will receive your reading in video recorded format within 48 hours from your order. There is an option to add 24h delivery to your reading for an extra fee.


In this option, we will explore your concern from different angles and offer a more ample view of your situation. This is also a good option for a general reading. 


For your reading, I will need your question and if you wish to include any relevant information that I should know for the reading. For a general reading, I will want to know your employment and relationship status, as well as whether you're an employee or self-employed for best results. Aditionally, I will need a first name, initials or nickname for you and anyone involved in the reading as well as gender


You will find a box of text to include this information when you order. Should you need more space, e-mail me at


Frequently Asked Questions:


- How long will my video be? 


The short answer is as long as it needs to! This kind of reading usually ranges from 10-15 minutes, however, I will not withdraw information for the sake of time, nor will I fill time just for the sake of filling it. This means that whether it takes me 10 minutes or 30 to get through it, you will get the information!


- Can I choose the deck or divination method that you use? 


I don't offer choices of deck. As for the method, I prefer to use whatever I feel will be the best fit for your particular concern and circumstances (with Tarot being my go-to). However, if you have a strong preference for a method, let me know and I will accomodate you. 


- What spread will you use?


Depending on the situation I can use multiple Nine Card Tableau readings to tackle your situation or a 5x5 Tableau, though if the circumstances require it, I could use a different spread.


- How will I get my reading?


You will receive an e-mail with a link to your private video.


- What is your refund policy?


I don't offer refunds for services rendered.

In-Depth Question - Video Recorded

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