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The 36 card Grand Tableau is a classic spread that works equally well to get great insight into one subject or to get a general outlook on different life areas.


You will receive your reading in video recorded format within 48 hours from your order. There is an option to add 24h delivery to your reading for an extra fee.


For your reading, I will need your relationship and employment status, as well as whether you're an employee or self-employed (or both). If you have children, it would be good to know! Aditionally, I will need a first name, initials or nickname for you and anyone involved in the reading as well as gender. If you wish to share aditional background, you're welcome to do so.


You will find a box of text to include this information when you order. Should you need more space, e-mail me at


Frequently Asked Questions:


- How long will my video be? 


The short answer is as long as it needs to! Depending on the information that comes through, the complexity of it and whether you have any particular concerns to look into, duration can vary. It averages, 30-45 minutes, but that's not a hard-and-fast rule. I will take however long is needed to go through your reading!


- Can I choose the deck or divination method that you use? 


I don't offer choices of deck. In general, I use Lenormand for this method, but there can be instances in which I may prefer to use Kipper, Tarot, or a combination of methods. If you have a strong preference, let me know.


- What spread will you use?


The Grand Tableau.


- How will I get my reading?


You will receive an e-mail with a link to your private video.


- What is your refund policy?


I don't offer refunds for services rendered.

Grand Tableau - Video Recorded

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