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Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about my services: Video Readings, Live Readings and Mentoring. As well, you will find more about my reading style and guidelines.

video readings faq


How long will my reading be? 

As long as it needs to! The quick question reading has an average duration of 3 to 5 minutes. Doesn't sound like a lot? As a curiosity, an average speaker says approximately 140 words per minute, and a standard page of text contains approximately 400 words.


Other readings range on average from 10 to 25 minutes, with the Grand Tableau running on average for 30-40 minutes. Regardless,  I will take as long as I need to answer your questions. 

Can I choose what you do the reading with? 

I prefer to choose the tool that I believe -according to my experience- will be more adecuate for the situation at hand, whether that's Tarot, Lenormand or Belline. Nevertheless, if you have a strong preference of method, don't hesitate in communicating so in your form and I will absolutely accomodate your choice.

Is my video private?

Maintaining my querent's privacy is paramount in my practice. Your videos will be only accessible through the link provided. I will not delete the video unless specially requested, so you will be able to revisit your reading as many times as you'd like as long as you save the link!

Can I buy a three or five question reading and use them at my convenience? 

Multiple question readings are meant to be part of the same video reading and cannot be used on different days or shared with multiple people.

Do you need my full name / date of birth / astrological sign? 

I don't need your full name, I only request a name so that I can properly address you during the reading as well as any other people that the reading may relate to. You are welcome to use a nickname or initials if you don't feel comfortable sharing your name. 


Your date of birth or astrological sign are not necessary to conduct the reading, yet you are welcome to share if you feel inclined.

Why do you ask if I am employed or self-employed? 

The career dynamics of employed and self employed people differ, so I prefer to have this information to give you the best possible reading. 

Do you have a refund policy?

I don't offer refunds on services rendered.

Do you offer reading in other languages?

I offer readings in English and Spanish.



What options do you have for live readings? 

My preferred option is Google Meets, but we can also meet on Zoom or over Facetime. 

What if I need to change my session?

Changes are welcome as long as they are communicated with a minimum of 24 hours from the appointment.

What if there are tech / connection issues? 

Tech issues will not shorten your allocated time, though if they persist and maintaining the length of your session is incompatible with other appointments, rescheduling may be suggested. 

What if I don't show up to my session?

No shows without previous notice will be treated as a rendered service and it will result in the loss of your fee. 



How many mentoring sessions should I get?

That very much depends on your personal goals and preferences. You can benefit from a one-off mentoring session if you are struggling with a particular aspect of tarot or if you have a concrete set of doubts that you would like to work through with someone else's insight. 

If you want ongoing support, you will be better off with multiple sessions that allow you to develop a set of skills over time. You are always welcome to contact me to discuss this prior to booking your sessions.

Do my sessions expire?

I encourage a certain frequency depending on your goals, whether that's weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Regardless, your sessions will not expire. 


Reading style

Is there anything off-limits? What kind of questions can I ask?

I welcome most questions, since I feel it is not my place to determine what is important to my querents. There are just a few things that I will not read on or that I have some restrictions on. 

  • Health Matters: I don't refuse to read on health matters, though I will not do diagnostic readings or suggest treatment. All health matters consulted should be in the hands of appropriate professionals and will only be regarded as non-medical advice, and will be oriented at coping with an existing diagnosis. 

  • Financial Matters: I don't refuse to read on financial matters, but any consultation will not take the place of appropriate professional advice.

  • Legal Matters: I don't refuse to read on legal matters, though I will not advise about specific actions to take or offer any advice that goes against factual knowledge given by the appropriate professionals. 

All consultations on health, financial or legal matters will be oriented at coping with the situation on a personal level, but are not a substitute to medical, legal or financial advice provided by a trained professional.

  • Third Party Limitations: I welcome third party readings as long as it is relevant to my querent's life. Where do I draw the line? I refuse questions that violate the privacy of a person that's not related to the querent's life. For instance, I will not read on the details of the intimate life of an ex and their new partner, or the extramarital relationship of the querent's next door neighbor. To paraphrase one of my favorite readers "questions that ellicit the answer 'that's none of your business!'"

What is your reading style?

My reading style combines analysis + prediction + actionable steps to help you reach your goals and make the most out of your circumstances.

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